First Bowkill - 5 Point Buck

After a summer full of practice, tuning, learning, trips to Hall's arrow, re-tuning and some more practice I was able to harvest a 5-point buck this past Saturday morning (10/4/14)! I was able to get set up on stand by 5:45 AM and had deer moving around me almost immediately. The buck took a while to step out of some cover but eventually was standing perfectly still, broadside in one of my shooting lanes. I had a perfect 20-yard double lung shot, placed right behind the shoulders and WOW... what an incredible rush!! I was a little worried about tracking him in the rain and drizzle, but the Wasp 100gr Drone did one heck of a job and I only had a 60-yard trail to follow. Cheers!

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This Coastal South Carolina buck gave me a 15 yard broadside shot and the Jak-Knife certainly performed well.