First Turkey With a Bow!

Preseason scouting found scratching in the hardwoods, and prior years I had seen turkeys in the cow pasture at my grandparent's farm. We put a popup blind up in mid-March under a big, low branch hanging cedar tree and brushed it in with several small cedars on 3 sides and on top. We left 1 front window open some for them to get used to. I used a rangefinder in front of the blind and put ground flags at 20 & 30 yds during the preseason. Camera pics were showing 3 longbeards together on several occasions.

My mom let him me miss school on Good Friday, and we got in the blind at 6am. We heard 4 or 5 gobbles 300 yds away, but would they weren't answering the call. 1.5 hrs later of calling sparingly, the 3 amigos showed up and walked right in to 20 yds. They would not approach the decoys and looked to leave when calling to them provoked all 3 to gobble a few times. They walked out to 32 yds and strutted when I  drew my Mathews bow. I knew his range from the flags and let the Bloodsport arrow fly tipped with a Wasp Z-Force. On camera the gobbler went down and never even flopped. We watched the other 2 walk away and we did our knuckling up and high fives!!! This was my 1st ever turkey and I did it with a bow. Bird weighed 17lbs., had a 8 3/4 in beard, and 1 inch hooks.

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