This is by no means a "big buck" story. Although I have experienced several success stories featuring buck whitetails, and Jak-Hammer broad heads, this is a testament to the durability, and reliability of a great product. Sunday Oct, 5th 2014, my 10 year old son and I headed out to the whitetail woods of Wisconsin. Aaron had recently taken an interest in archery, and wanted to take a little field trip. Less than 90 minutes into our hunt we had 3 does saunter in within 9 yards. It wasn't a "textbook" opportunity, as the deer were quartering in on us. I pulled back on the lead deer....settled my sight pin just behind the front shoulder. It just felt "right"....so I squeezed the trigger on my release. Aaron's eyes were as big as dinner plates......and we instantly heard the "thwack" of a broad head hitting home. AWESOME.....or was it? I was suffering from a little "shooters remorse". What was I thinking.....I had to leave the next morning for a business trip! It was 5:45PM, I had 45 minutes until dark, and now I had to track, field dress, register, and get a deer delivered to the processor before getting some rest for my trip. The deer humped up and dashed into the woods, making what sounded like a big circle. Just when I was sure we were going to see this deer run right back out the trail it went into the woods on....I heard the welcoming sound of a loud CRASH....and then nothing. After 25 minutes of "peer pressure" from Aaron to get down and look for the deer....I finally gave in. Half way down the latter....Aaron yelled.....I FOUND IT! She laid exactly 25 yards from the stand.....the entrance hole was huge....the entire front shoulder (I hit a little forward) was covered in blood, and it was a complete pass through shot, taking out plenty of vitals on the way through. I've used WASP Jak-Hammer broad heads for over 15 years, and have finally decided to take the time to thank you for making a wonderful, reliable, dependable product. P.S. We had the deer registered, and at the processor by 8:30PM.... 24 hours later I am 300 miles away from that deer stand on a business trip. Aaron is hooked, and will a Jak-Hammer user for life!

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