Pennsylvania whitetail

Week 4 of the Pa. bow season is underway but it was a short week for me. The LORD blessed me with a beautiful morning and I was able to harvest #6 on the "Wish List" yesterday morning(Oct. 26th) at 8:10 AM. I had a good encounter with this buck behind camp on Fri. evening but just couldn't make it happen. He was chasing does around the food plot but just wouldn't come into range. So yesterday morning I went to the stand I call the Creek Stand up over the hill from camp and no sooner got in there and had "Radio Deer" (you can hear them but can't see'm) on me in the dark. About 40 minutes later a 6 pt. came down the gas well road and after he left I kept watching that direction when I heard something coming toward me in the wet leaves. Turned to see this guy making his way straight at me at about 25 yds. Quickly I got the Matrix off the bow hook as he stopped at 10 yds. but offered no shot as he was facing right at me. He then started to go up around my tree and I had to let him walk by for a shot. I took the shot at 7 yds. and the Wasp Jak- Knife did it's job. The arrow past through the top of his right lung and down through the left lung and the very tip top of the heart. He was slightly quartering away and the shot entered right up tight to the right shoulder and exited down inside the opposite left leg. He only went 45 yds. He's not the biggest buck on the hill rack wise but he dressed out at 167#s and should score between 90 and 100 inches - not having the 8th pt. hurt him some but still a 100" frame.. This is a buck that I had a ton of pictures of as he was behind camp most of the summer and fall. It really makes you feel good when you finally reap the rewards of a lot of hard work putting in and maintaining food plots, licks and planting cover trees over the years.

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