The Crab Ten

I’ve always known the mid-west to be windy, but on the morning of November 8th, 2014, Northeast Missouri was howling. My sit had been rather uneventful except for an unruly runny nose that just wouldn’t quit. At 9am I saw a shadow move to my right in the bottom below me and realized that this movement had to be just to my left. I leaned back to look around the tree to see a doe standing there panting; tongue out. Before I could even look behind her I heard what every bowhunter dreams of (rapid wild grunts). Instead of looking, I opted to try and get my bow off the hook and release hooked up just in case it was a shooter. As I hooked on my release, I watched two younger bucks chase her by me at a record pace. A small 10pt followed by a 9pt with a drop tine continued to run her up an over the next ridge all while grunting and making erotic whitetail sounds.

Immediately, I realized that I had seen this scenario before, sometimes a big boy trails behind. I quickly ranged the trail at 10 yards then readied myself for what may come. After about 10 minutes I had lost faith there would be a trailer buck. Just about the time I had hung my bow up more grunting pursue. Bracing my knee to the loc-on seat, I drew my bow and made doe bleats as loud as possible trying to overcome the overpowering wind. Just as he jumped the little gut next to me, he locked up on full alert looking for the doe. I leaned into my peep thinking “make this shot count”. The arrow zipped through him, and then he quickly continued in the direction of the hot doe. Just like that not 10 seconds from start to finish he was there and gone. This morning ended up being a whirlwind in more than one way. Very Happy with my first ten point!

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