Missouri Buck

Like everybody does ( at least that's what I tell my wife) I spent the summer glassing these fields and neighboring fields watching bucks. We have this stand setup up for a northwest wind, but we have stayed out of it waiting for mature bucks to get active. So on the last week of October I had the perfect wind. I knew the deer were coming out of the corn to my east through a gate opening. I heard some grunting so I did some soft grunts followed by a series of bleats. Like most mature bucks do he came in quiet and straight down wind. I guess I did something right that day with my scent control cause he never even knew I was there until he got about 19 yards and I stopped him long enough to stick a Jak-Hammer through both lungs. I knew I had shot one of the good bucks we had been seeing but had no idea he was as big as he ended up being. You got to love when they get bigger when you put your hands on them. I don't know exactly how many deer I have shot with Jak-Hammer broad heads but I KNOW THEY WILL BE THE ONLY BROADHEAD I EVER USE. Thank you Wasp for making a great product.

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Double lung 40 yards

This Coastal South Carolina buck gave me a 15 yard broadside shot and the Jak-Knife certainly performed well.