Overcoming Adversity

For seven years now I've been battling eye issues. I was hit in the eye causing severe trauma which ended up leading to a former of arthritis in my eye and inflammation. So I've been battling flare ups and issues ever since. Two weeks before the season had started I hadn't touched my bow since January of this year and honestly had zero interest in it or hunting.

Right before season started I picked up my bow just to shoot around a bit. One shot later I realized what I mistake I was making giving up a passion without a fight. From that moment forward I've been working overtime making adjustments and getting back into the groove of things and this morning, the first morning in the stand this season I was presented with an opportunity at taking this doe. If I told you the nerves and emotions didn't take over, I'd be lying badly.

After everything I've battled it took everything in me not to break down. Made a less than perfect shot but she didn't make it far at all before she expired. I'm incredibly blessed and thankful to say the least. To say I'm impressed with the Jak Knife broadhead would be an understatement. This broadhead saved my butt after an iffy shot and came out looking brand new even after passing through my deer and dead centering a big limb. Everything is still perfectly intact and just needs a new band and a little touching up on the blades. Blood trail was also amazing, you could have followed it with both eyes closed Lol. Thanks for making an incredible broadhead, BUZZ>HYPE.

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