Short Turkey Track

Wasp Queen broadheads continue to give me success in the field. On the first day of youth turkey season, my dad and I were set up in a double bull ground blind early Saturday morning. Turkeys started flying down, but were not interested in our calling or our decoy. We started calling once more and had three different gobblers answer. Finally, one gobbler started making his way toward the decoy, when all of a sudden two more gobblers appeared and ran the first gobbler off. While at full strut, they started making their way towards our setup. They were at 25 yards when I shot my first arrow right under the biggest gobbler. I reached for another arrow as the turkeys stood there not know what just happened. I ranged him again at 20 yds and sent the second arrow right through the center of him. He ran maybe 10 yards before expiring. Thanks again for continuing to make the best broadhead for woman available!

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