Tennessee Whitetail Buck

A seven hour drive North to a friends farm in central Tennessee over opening weekend seemed like a great plan to start seriously bowhunting. This area has several tracts that are super thick and the ticks were horrible, so scouting was kept at a minimum. luckily within a day or two, I located a grove of mature White Oaks that just started dropping and the deer were all over them.

Over the course of the next 4 days I hunted that area hard and moved several times to play the wind. With above average temps, the deer movement was slow and I saw very little action during the daylight hours.....but that was about to change. On Thursday night, a cold front swept through dumping nearly an inch of rain and the temps dropped overnight dramatically. That's all that was needed.

At 8am the next morning, a yearling buck busted from the cover, ran underneath me and crossed the ridge out of sight. Confused as to what was happening, I finally caught a glimpse of antler still in the dense understory and within just a few minutes the buck we called Long Brow was coming in to the White Oaks! At less than 15 yards the Wasp Drone found its mark and the buck went only 60 yards before expiring! What a way to start the 2014 hunting season!

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