The Biggest Buck of my Life

I was blessed and fortunate enough to be able to harvest this 5X6 Mule Deer buck with a 31 yd shot from my Hoyt Katera. The Wasp Boss broad head did the job with a recovery of less than 180 yds. This trophy is truely the biggest buck of my life and really makes all the practice and 3D shoots well worth it. He scores out just under 180"s P&Y even though he only has an 18.5 inch inside spread ,his mass is what is really impressive. He has 6.25 in bases with the smallest mass measurement being 4.5 ins. The rack weighed in at just under 7#'s with deep heavy forks. The pictures really don't do him justice. As my hunting career winds down, I just thank God that I have been able to take such a trophy and have a friend like Tony Pressler of "Rudy Steele -Guides and Outfitters". Thanks Wasp for the great quality product. I just started using Wasp broadheads this year and it is with out a doubt the best quality braodhead I've ever shot. Keep up the good work Wasp !!! Thanks

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