Missouri Buck

November 11, 2015

This is Buck #3 for me this year. I hit three states in 12 days a came home with 3 nice bucks. #3 came from my home state of Missouri. I put my Wasp Hammer SST to the test on this one. The shot was a little forward and low, It hit low in the front shoulder on the entry side and came out breaking the front leg on the exit side. The first thing I found when I went to where the deer was standing when I shot was a chunk of leg bone about 5 feet past where he was standing. There was a great blood trail to where he piled up some 80 yards from where I shot him. Blowing through the rib cage is one thing. Blowing through the front shoulder and out through the front leg bone is another. That is awesome penetration. The cool thing is, a quick clean up of the broadhead and a new set of blades and I will be ready for the next buck...

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