Z-Force Zips Through Deer

I was hunting in Howard County, Maryland on November 17th, 2012. I was hunting with a good friend of mine. We were hunting some private ground that fed into public ground. I had already seen a decent buck about 60 yards away cruising for does. After a few grunts I could tell he wasn't interested in coming any closer. I then watched a do about 15 minutes later I seen a doe walking about 100 yards away. I kept looking in that direction and here came a good buck walking my way. He was on a trail that would have taken him to about 20 yards away. I was excited and I kept looking in the binoculars at him and thought, yeah he is a decent 8 point. So I was ready I had my release clipped on my bow and I was ready. He walked behind the tree I was in so I decided to draw back my bow. As I came to full draw I heard a loud metal clang. My heart dropped and I wasn't sure what made the noise. I looked up and I hit an old bow hanger that had broken off in the tree. I thought my opportunity was blown. I leaned to the one side of the tree to see if the buck had heard the noise. He indeed heard it and was looking up at me. I was just frozen and to my delight he looked back down and started walking away. I had ranged where he was walking towards earlier and I figured it to be about 30 yards. I let him get into my shooting lane and grunted to stop him. I let the Wasp Z-Force fly and I heard a good thwack. I watched him run about 30 yards and jump over a fence and then continue down into a hollow and then I lost him behind some big trees. I thought he must be standing there because I know he didn't go any further. I was still unsure of the shot. So I stayed in the stand for an hour and went back to the truck. We then decided to go and see if there was any blood at the point of impact. That is when I had a huge smile on my face. It was one of those blood trails that you could see from a distance. I knew that the Wasp Z-Force American Made Broadhead did the trick. I followed what turned out to be a short walk of success. I still remember picking his head up out of the leaves and saying oh it’s a nice buck and as I continued to pull it up out of the leaves I though OH wow it’s a really good buck. This is my biggest buck to date but, most importantly I was just excited of the success of this hunt. I cannot say enough about using quality products. I know that I can be proud to say I use and American Made Product and always will. Wasp Archery makes the highest quality broadheads period. As you can see I am very excited with my success on shooting this buck. I could not have done it without the good Lord above and quality made broadheads. You can seriously find the mission statement at the end of every blood trail. Thanks! Brook Martin

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